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Friday, 20 November 2015

Woman Hid Revolver WHERE?

"Only in America"?

Well yes, I'll try to be 'delicate' with my choice of words - but when this now 21 year old American 'lady' was pulled over for driving on a suspended licence - a search by a female officer revealed that she was carrying a stolen North American Arms five shot .22" revolver internally.

This young female then nineteen year old was recently in court charged with bringing contraband into a penal facility at Kingsport, Tennessee.

Dallas Archer - Police Photo.

The NAA revolver is notably a small design - which lessens my horror somewhat - but it was loaded and I'm only guessing but, that this female had inserted it small (muzzle) end first as the least uncomfortable option.

I'm trusting to "common sense" that it would be the compact, smoother model above .. and not the longer, more angular version below:
(The newspaper chose to illustrate their "Gun found in woman's VAGINA" story with a photograph of some semi-auto pistol pointing at the reader).

 - Is this the 'Black-Powder' version?
"Excuse me but I'm just going to powder my nose". 
 Dallas Archer pleaded guilty to various offences and received three years in prison plus other non custodial sentences.

- The revolver had been reported as stolen from a car a year previously.

Marty K.

Ref: Mirror Online Weird News.