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Friday, 27 November 2015

The Tibbert Revolving Rifle;

While scratching around the net looking for information on the Smith-Percival  24 shot percussion pistol .. I came across these beautiful photos of another real work of art :

Tibbert Revolving Rifle.

This beautifully detailed 12 shot revolving rifle is not what it seems .. well it is a lovely craftsman built antique-style long-arm - but it was built recently - in 2006 by George J Tibbert.

The twelve chambers are in a "modern" (!) round - .38" Special (1898) and the single-action mechanism uses a side-hammer. There is a neat ejector system hidden in the forearm ..

- Lovely - crafted from fancy walnut with scroll carving and brass.

Isn't it great that in this era of cast concrete and injection moulded plastics - there are still occasional rare craftspeople who can make beautiful things for us to enjoy?

Marty K.