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Monday, 2 November 2015

Cylinder Bolt, Stop, or Latch?

Inspired by my recent reading of Hamilton Bowens 'The Custom Revolver' I had a wee session at polishing-out a few of the scratches on "Stagalee" - the fixed sight Ruger Old Army  that suffered a bent base-pin - that I then broke and had to get repair welded!

Strange to say but I actually enjoy polishing things - I have a lot of old copper pieces like kettles, jugs, watering cans, 'Thermettes" - so I occasionally take a fit and a tin of 'Brasso' metal polish plus an old pair of cotton shorts or singlet to do the job. - Call it therapy maybe -what? :-)

The gun looks fine in the flesh and OK in this size photo - but any larger detail really shows heaps of small scuffs.

Bowens book detailed for me how Colts Bolt is S&Ws Stop and Ruger call the same piece a Latch.
Numbered 2 in this Picture .. Latch (or Bolt or Stop)
(Photo Illustrates The 3-Way Lock-up on a Ruger GP100.)

By any name - this component is the bit that wears that annoying drag mark around your cylinders! - I've also seen this rounded part of the bolt/latch called the "Ball".

(- And what the first two call the 'Hand' is known as the 'Pawl' by Ruger.)

I was also interested to note that the finger nail shaped cut-out on the leading edge of the cylinder Notches are properly called 'Leedes'

- here's a useful tip - the cylinder rotates as if the leedes are directional arrows .. If  I can keep that in my nut it will 'un-confuse' me on the firing line. - They lead the way.

Marty K.

P.S.  A "Thermette" is a kiwi sort of rapid water boiler fuelled with twigs - that is good for a 'brew-up' in the great outdoors.
That's a 'Magnum' and a 'Special'!