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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Firearms Law - Change is Coming:

This morning Sunday - Radio New Zealand National "Insight" broadcast a thirty minute 'debate' on "Gun Control".

Frankly there wasn't much new in the presentation - just the latest opinions from the usual collection of 'experts'. They presented the voices of the Police Association, Senior Police officers, a Gun Dealer, a Collector, a spokesman from COLFO etc. etc.

Same Old - same old ...  Claims that thousands of illegal gun imports are increasing criminal gun use were countered by the police official statistics of reducing gun crime at a very low level in overall crime figures.


One clown voiced concern at how easy it was to convert an 'A-Cat.' rifle into a 'MSSA' !
To This?
- Really?

Ah well - the end result is more calls for a "REVIEW" and counter claim that They would be better to spend that review money on better policing of existing regulations.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the outcome will in due course involve more restrictive rules and more expense for firearms users.

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Marty K.