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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Ruger Ammunition:

The latest e-mail from 'Ruger Newsroom' details new "Ruger" ammunition that is manufactured by Polycase

They are offering the normal full range of  pistol calibres in this branded ammunition that uses injection moulded bullets that are their own blend of metal powder filled polymer.

- While Polycase also manufacture plastic cartridge cases - it seems that the 'Ruger' range of rounds are using conventional brass cases to market these moulded 'defensive' light weight - high velocity loads.

As noted previously - I consider that injection moulding technology should mean LOW COST product and not highly priced ammunition that is marketed as being something specially effective.

It must surely be only a matter of time before another brand of ammunition takes-up this low cost bulk production technique to market an equally effective "economy line".

Marty K.

Colourful plastic cartridge cases & brass on right.