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Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Custom Revolver (Hamilton S Bowen, Ross Seyfreid)

This e-book was only published in 2012 - but the original dead tree version was dated 2001.
(I see Amazon are asking US$300 for a used copy!)

It's a bloody good read - informative and entertaining from a guy who qualifies as a well known custom revolver craftsman. The Kindle version cost me only $7.67 and is worth every cent - as I expect to read it again very soon. Like a favourite dinner from the menu - it will be savoured whenever I fancy.

The Custom Revolver contains some sharply humorous comments and asides - together with much stuff that I didn't know about revolvers, ammunition - and gun making craftsmanship.

Hamilton S Bowen must be a talented guy to work as a gun maker, successful business director - and still find the time to set down and write such a good read.

- His guns make me wish I had a lot more money to spend eh.

Just Look At This Custom Vaquero Barrel.
Good stuff .. now some borrowed video

- Bowen Perfected Bearcat.
 - Just The Holster Rig For You eh Cutters
Marty K.