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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

AR15s Infest Pistol Club Range:

This weekend nearly all the range shooting bays seemed to have some version of an AR15 'Black Rifle' lurking ready to shoot.
This one boasts a double optic set-up and silencer - and comes with the warning not to shoot at steel plates!

- The second one spotted was just about all light weight plastic and being freshly purchased was being sighted-in:
- A "real" leggo toy - with another 'Silencer'.
Interesting action this one - being a light-weight carbon fibre filled ' Receiver':
Windham Weaponry say that they aim to produce the finest AR15s - they certainly seem to have built a very light version using injection moulded carbon-fibre polymers to make the receiver parts. - It is definitely lightweight and handy. 'Cutters' says he has a bad back and reckons that this carbon-lite is much easier to handle than his chunky Russian Saiga AK.
'CARBON' Video Review:
- A third AR that crept into sight proved to be a 'Bushmaster' lower that is being homebuilt as a registered & restricted 'E Cat' by JBTFL.
Keeping out of sight was my own AR? Just Right Carbine in 9x19mm (full over-barrel silencer):
- There are another couple of ARs not shown but hiding around.
This is a pistol club eh ..  but we pistoleros do mostly seem to have good taste for wide ranging technology and ballistics.
The use of 'silencers' in the confined shooting 'tin shed' with hard ply dividing partitions definitely has the welcome effect of moderating the shockwaves / blast from the .223" muzzles. - 'Naked' rifles can bounce a percussive pressure wave into nearby shooters bays and really disturb a quiet day :-0
Marty K.