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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Australian Gun Rights Problems:

- A few days back on 27 Sept. I wrote a bit about the problem being caused in Australia by a "new" lever-action shotgun  being banned despite being 'legal'..

Well, I recently watched Hickok45 "shooting the breeze #5" and that led me on to a chat video between  Australian Steve Lee (who sings Hickok45s intro music) and Hickok45 - and another guy.

Steve Lee tells how their police are using "clever/creative" interpretations of the wording in the laws to remove shooters licences.

Go to via Google :  GCR #46 Hickok45 and Steve Lee. (GCR = The Gun Culture Radio)

OR click and watch below:

You need to watch this:

This 'podcast' is 1.35 hour long .. but anyone concerned about their shooting rights here in New Zealand or anywhere else - NEEDS to watch this interview.

- Seriously .. get a coffee and pin your ears back.

Marty K.