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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Polishing My Nipples (Ruger Old Army):

The nipples (cones) on my fixed sight Old Army 'cap'n'ball' were hard to cap (as bought used) - so I unscrewed them ,- chucked them up in my drill press and gently filed them to shape using a small 'Swiss file'.

- Actually this was complicated by my needing to buy a 3/16" A.F. socket to fit the Ruger brand of nipple - and that was complicated further again by also needing to buy a socket driver with a 1/4" drive .. these were not cheap either!

- I also had to grind the end face of the socket to reduce the lead-in and give as much grip on the hex-nuts as possible.

All up - it proved to be not as simple to do as it was simple to plan-to-do eh.

- Anyway job done and each nipple was "gauged" using #11 caps - and they worked perfectly on range yesterday. Proof-of-the-pudding was that I managed to hit the 6" steel plate at 25 metres two out of three 'off-hand' with cast balls (Give-up while you're ahead eh)

"Labour Weekend Holiday" here and the weather did the decent thing with sunshine but a blustery 'Norwester' wind.

We are meant to get our veggie gardens all planted over the 3-Day w/e and I'm well up with that task.

Life is Good: - by-the-by - something that makes it good is the way the 'old fashioned' fixed sight ROA looks .. I do know why the adjustable sights are needed for accurate shooting at distance - but that smooth rounded top surface such as on this gun and Vaqueros is so very graceful, ergonomic, and evocative of the 'Wild West' and Frontier history:


Marty K.