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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Hurunui Avian Wildlife:

Just before midday today (Thursday) I went to the door intending to fetch in some firewood and what did I spy in the front yard but ..

 This Cute Plump Couple Having a Seed Feed - California Quale.


- So having done my best to get these pictures through the window glass - I was returning the camera when I spotted in the back yard ..
 Mrs? Pheasant on my veggie garden.

I  think that it may be all the 'wild greens' and weed seed that's attracting them to my section - I was a bit crook in the last couple of years and it's got away from me a bit eh.
- It may be either a Common or a Golden Pheasant - hard to tell on a very dull morning - but I certainly considered fetching my quiet .22 rifle - but that would have entailed disturbing the bird to go get the "Shiny-thing" from its 'lock-up'.  - And anyway - is there a restricted season around here?
- I've just recently read a review of Benjamins Trail NP2 gas piston .22" calibre air rifle in NZ Guns & Hunting .. now if I had bought one for NZ$500 it should have been ideal eh - apart from the cost..
Marty K.