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Saturday, 26 December 2015

1 3/4" Short Shot shells, Knife Story:

If you're looking for a 'me-gift' to treat yourself - how about finding some 1.75" 12G shot shells from AGUILA  - apparently they come as .38 oz. solids , buckshot loads and other varieties - if you can find them in your local shops.

There's a lot of wasted space in ordinary shot shell cases (- talking about "wastes of space" - like some folk - they are full of hot air) - so these minis don't give away much performance.

These shorties cycle OK through some pump-action guns - but not in 'autos'.

The slugs are quoted at 1,250 ft. per sec. - as are also the buckshot loading.

They'll let you load a lot extra bangs for your buck and recoil much less if you're sensitive or playing games shooting from the hip.-  Should be OK in break-actions too.
That's FIVE shorties to Three 3 inchers.

Any of you interested in edged weapons - there is an excellent on-line post about the K-BAR and Fairburn-Sykes iconic blades and their history. - Google 'The KA-BAR and the Fairburn-Sykes' by Roger Norling'  - A very well researched story.

Interesting to note that "double sided blade" knives are a "banned import" here in NZ. (Is that in case they are used to cut two things at once?)



Marty K.