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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Guns Lacking in Our Patrol Cars:

I heard Radio NZ play this report four times this morning.

The Police Assoc. President Greg O'Conner was complaining in an interview that our acclaimed "traditionally unarmed police" are unarmed on occasions when their cars are not fitted with security boxes!
Greg O'Conner - Good Bloke.
Apparently there are more cars than there are security cabinets - despite there now being "200 more cabinets" ..

Superintendent Chris Scahill from police National Headquarters said in a statement " Not all cars were fitted with gun safes because not all of them were frontline response vehicles and not all officers were trained to use guns."

- What?? - Why the hell not?
Mr O'Conner spoke very slowly and deliberately on the radio when he commented that "Every police officer who was likely to encounter an armed offender as part of their day to day duties should have sufficient training and access to firearms."
Marty K.