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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Cloud Cover - THERE We Are:

If you look carefully - That's Me about 3/4 inch Left of Centre 
Photo by NASA.
Here's a true story for youse ..  I bought my first Ruger Old Army in an auction over a year back and was very happy with the price I paid. - At the following years auction I postal bid and won - among other lots - a lot described as some empty cardboard pistol boxes, magazines and posters.

When it arrived it was a large 'banana box of "all sorts" - but the jewel of the lot was .. have you guessed? - the original Ruger box for that exact earlier ROA revolver complete with the shipping outer buff cover - both fully marked with the correct serial numbers. Wooo-Hoo!

I guess that the guns value just rose a few dollars eh ..

Merry Christmas.

Marty K.