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Saturday, 12 December 2015

F.N. F2000 Bullpup Rifle:

Interesting version of a 'Bullpup' this one .. it ejects forward from a forward port thus being user friendly for both R.H & L.H. users - but even more interesting is that it 'saves-up' its brass and ejects the spent cases five at a time (every fifth shot) when on "auto"!

F.N. F2000 - I'm temped to say "ugly looking M.F."
I came across this breed of gun in a BBC on-line magazine item "A rifles journey from Belgium to Gaza." where they try to tell the tale of how the Belgian F2000 rifle and AK-103-2 rifles from Russia got to be paraded by the al-Quds Brigade on the streets of  Rafa in southern Gaza.
Weight: - About 7.5lbs - 8lbs.

The FN F2000 is a selective fire bull-pup gas operated short-stroke-piston operated rifle with a rotating bolt - in 5.56x45mm NATO calibre. It uses standard 30 round NATO box magazines and has that interesting system where it appears to be constipated (selective fire units) until it lets go forward-right, a burst of five empty shell cases once every fifth shot - by holding them in its poo-tube above the barrel until ready.
Thus a thirty round magazine is fully ejected in six x five empty shell bursts with this patent protected system.
These FN weapons also take a clever 9v battery power-pack fire control system for the 40mm 'pump-action' grenade launcher - that estimates range to the identified target, and the required elevation before indicating "ready" when a flashing red light changes to green on an LCD screen.
Hmm .. Reading between the lines, the BBC story seems to me to indicate that these weapons have been delivered into terrorist (or 'freedom fighters') hands by a series of changing decisions from Western Government Politicians, 'Experts', and 'military advisors'.
 They were approved for sale to Libya when UN and EU arms embargos were variously lifted by political leaders.

There is a Hickok45 review of the s.a only FS2000. - He thinks it's "real purty"(not). Military Arms Channel "Bullpups Part 11" is a good review too.

Marty K.