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Sunday, 6 December 2015

UK Gun Amnesty Result:

UK. Devon & Cornwall Police just ran a "Gun Amnesty' between November 3rd to November 17th and are proudly displaying some of the surrendered items to the press.

One small firearm is stated to have been owned by historic Victorian era wife murderer 'Dr. Crippen' - but a police spokesman said that they were "unconvinced' that the owners claim was fact.

Some of the firearms handed in to police. - The Blunderbuss is a replica .. but described as having a "particularly vicious spring-loaded bayonet" !

Many of those items displayed in the police picture appear to be interesting and collectable. - no doubt destined to be destroyed.

The two week amnesty netted 446 'weapons' .. Police were handed eight BB guns, 31 air pistols, 60 air rifles, 41 revolvers and 20 self-loading pistols.

A stun gun, 162 shotguns, 28 rifles, 28 blank firing weapons, nine replica weapons, 11 antique rifles, 20 antique pistols and 10 antique shot guns were also surrendered.

Additionally 15,721 items of ammunition including two hand grenades were handed in and will be passed to the army explosive Ordnance Disposal Team.

Source: The Telegraph UK.

The UK has one of the lowest recorded gun homicide rates in the world - 0.05 per 100,000 inhabitants in the five years leading up to 2011 - but there is ongoing concern about the availability and use of illegal firearms there.

- Meanwhile, over in USA, "Gun Control" yet again makes the headlines following another multiple / Terrorist Shooting.

I know that there are already tens of thousands of 'Gun Laws' there - but the issue continues to be a confused drama.

Marty K.