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Sunday, 24 January 2016

.327 Federal Magnum - Super Gun & Bolt-Action AK47:

The 327 Federal Magnum can maybe claim to actually be a 'Super-Magnum' - because it is an up-powering of a cartridge that is already a magnum - the .32 H&R Magnum.

Designed and developed by Sturm, Ruger and Federal it was introduced in 2007 and was intended to give the power of a 357 Magnum in a more compact cartridge.. and it certainly achieves that comfortably.
The bullets nominal diameter is .312" (- take note that this is the same bullet diameter as the 7.62x39mm Russian 'AK47' - and the old British .303") - and in a 327 Magnum handgun this 100gn slug leaps out of its 1.2" long case at up to 1,874 ft. per sec. - or a 115gn pill can make 1,659 ft. per sec. (from a Ruger Blackhawk). - That is fast moving, flat shooting from a handgun.
 But the experts are saying that this magnum feels like shooting a .38" Special in a D.A. revolver. - And you can fit six rounds into the cylinder of a compact revolver.
- Now that sort of result is to be expected from many a hot loaded Ruger Single Action .. but the exceptional point here is that these power levels are made with "substantially less recoil and noticeably less muzzle blast than the .357 Magnum."

- Here we go - that's another gun landed on my wish list!

The .327" Federal Magnum is an uprated .32" H&R Magnum - which in its turn is an uprated .32" S&W Long - which itself was an uprated .32" S&W. (I might rename it the 32XXL).

The case length grew from 0.61" to 0.91" to 1.075" - and now measures 1.20" in its Federal Magnum guise - which I reckon is pretty well twice as long as its starting point. - "Baby's grown up some" eh.

.327" - A Case of Progress Through Time.
So the 327 Federal Magnum is a hard hitter with good manners and gives us the choice of three softer and lighter loaded cartridges for recreation. There should be a decent range of bullet weights available to hand-loaders - from 65gn to 135gn. and American web sites reviewing the 327 Mag. speak of excellent penetration and knock-down.
In USA You May Buy a 3"LCR in 327Magnum
& Squirt-out Six Pills Faster Than a 357Magnum.
 - That Barrel Is Too Short For NZ Police Liking.

The NRA were most impressed when it was introduced - to the extent that they awarded the 327 Federal Magnum the NRA Golden Bulls-Eye Award (2009) for "Ammo of The Year".

Re-loaders can use dies that fit the .32"H&R Magnum to stuff the 19gn powder capacity Federal cases .. should be trouble free.

You know something - if I had the funds to consider starting all over again - I'd pick 9mm, 10mm, .22"R.F and the .327" Federal Magnum as my pistol and revolver calibres. (plus .45" black powder ball).
Marty K.

P.S. - Did you know that the .303" British bullets were the same diameter (.312") as the Russian 7.62x39mm AK47 bullets? - When our NZ Authorities "banned" high capacity banana magazines (unless you registered as a special category MSSA shooter) - I promptly had an old SMLE .303" bolt-action rifle converted to chamber the Russian round and modified to take the AK banana magazines. - The local arms office were not amused by my enterprise eh.. well they were laughing but also shaking their heads!

an "Australian Convert"
- things to do with an old SMLE..
- That "?MLE-AK" bolt-action shot well for me too - but got sold at a profit eventually. Gosh I've sold some good guns in my time .. some regrets - like the song says eh.

Marty K.