Sunday 31 January 2016

Russian NOSOROG Revolvers AEK 906 - 1:

I swear that I didn't have any idea that there were so many Russian made revolvers!

Nosorog (Rhinoceros) AEK906 "Bottom Popper".

- However this is only the second 'six o'clock chamber' revolver I've seen that actually looks OK - and the designer has controlled himself and stopped short of adding weird space-age ugliness. (The other is the Stechkin OTS-38 captive piston silent gun)(Both are Russian made).

This gun also raises the question did Italian maker Chiappa call their bottom-chamber-popper the "Rhino" knowing that a Russian Rhinoceros was hiding out on the Steppes? - Who copied who?

Chiappa Rhino

The Nosorog is built to take 9mm Makarov cartridges in steel six round moon clips and while a sturdy built revolver it will not accept 9MM NATO ammunition - but they do have the AEK906-1 version that is built for that 9x19mm round.

- There is also a Nosorog M100 Top-Break Revolver. This gun looks suspiciously like an alternative version of the REX  Revolver - but using the bottom six o'clock chamber.

Nosorog M100 Top Break (bottom chamber)
Izhmash MP-412 REX .357 Magnum /.38" Revolver.
- US Imports Prevented.

- Life gets complicated 'ainit?'  I think that I'll stop looking for Russian Revolvers now as my head's starting to revolve eh.

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NZ made Magnum Leather Shoulder Holster Rig (Glock 17)placed for scale

Marty K.
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