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Friday, 22 January 2016

UK Crims Re-Work DeActivated Guns:

A British 'criminal gang' have just been sentenced in London to a total of 45 years in prison for running an operation reactivating de-activated guns.

The leader Ishmael Brown (centre bottom row) directed the criminal acts from his prison cell in HM Prison Rochester using a hidden illegal cell phone.

- Deactivated firearms were obtained and re-engineered by ex- military Polish Bart Pawlowski (top left) a skilled metal worker - who also made ammunition for the different guns.

Two of the group were found to have a 9mm pistol in a mini-cab when searched by police in East London in June last year 2015.

Police have recovered eight reactivated weapons so far and continue looking for others. - I work-out that their prison time averages at about three and a half years each with remission - provided it's not served "concurrently" with any other time.

 - I thought the Brits were meant to be clamping down on this type of firearms crime.

- Good looking bunch eh.

Marty K.