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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

'BullPup Pistol' Bond Boberg @ SHOT Show 2016:

I've been impatiently looking for news of the Bobergs since their new owner Bond Arms had said that they would show their new developments at the 2016 SHOT show:

(See my 18th November 2015 post "Boberg Moving to Bond Arms").
Four Inch Barrel XR9-L Boberg (original).

Well I've just watched an Outdoor Channel video interview with Gordon Bond at the SHOT show and they had some really nice Derringers on the table - beautifully made and finished.

Toward the end of the chat Gordon Bond did introduce the Boberg - speaking well of its smooth 7 to 8 lb. trigger pull and easy slide racking. The guys commented on another design feature - that the small light return spring is unusually located to the left of the barrel instead of beneath it - allowing a lower barrel axis line for reduced recoil 'flip-up'.

Gordon also showed the bull-pup as now having a new high-quality looking Rosewood grip fitted that really enhanced the Bobergs appearance - but said that they were still reviewing the guns details before they will release it as a Bond Arms product.. much as I had expected - this will take more time.

Marty K.