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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Russian REX & Kobalt Revolvers - No Competition:

The Russian developed MP-412 REX revolver was made in the mid 1990s by Izhmash in .357"Magnum calibre - with commercial export to America as its first aim.

 But when US President Clinton got a political snitch against the capitalist Russians he placed a blanket ban on their weapons imports and this stopped the REX  from growing past its early pre-production stage.

'REX'  357 Magnum
- Nice looking - but that hinged  'Break-Action' might look "dated" perhaps.
- Maybe if they could 'disguise' that hinge-pin to appear conventional at first glance it might yet sell ..
Izhmash REX MP-412 1990s Hopeful Money Maker.

- If it had been given a chance in 'Free Market America' -  the REX  357" Magnum design might have changed perceptions that the old familiar 'break-action' Webleys and S&W Russian were dead-end designs - and that maybe this user friendly pattern can handle modern full power cartridges OK.

S&W New Model Russian .44".
The Imperial Russian Army ordered 41,000 S&W N0.3 Revolvers in 1871 - henceforth these .44"s are known as "S&W Russians".
The Schofield is a further developed version of that design:

Wells Fargo First Model S&W Schofield .45"
- Was well Liked by 'Wells Fargo and Company' (with a five inch barrel).
Webley MkV1.
- Not 'Broken' - well it is but ...

The Russian 'Kobalt' OTS-01 Revolver was built starting from 1991-1992 in some five varieties from different Russian factories using 9x18 and 9x17mm (.380"ACP) rimless cartridges with moon-clips.
Developed by Igor Stechkin & Boris Avraamov it resembles a S&W 'J' frame with a safety on the left hand side.
- Versions were issued for use by Russian prison guards and Kazakhstan Customs border guards.
That's all I could find about these "Ruskies"
- Have a great day..
Marty K.