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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Century Intl. Arms (CIA) 3 shot .38" Revolver - Derringer?:

This piece is definitely an 'oddity' but it is also another bottom-chamber-popper too. - But it isn't an historic rarity as it was announced only recently in 2014. - A 1.75" barrelled snubbie three shot capacity revolver.

I must be slow 'cause I've only just spotted it while looking for news of the Bond / Bobergs.

CIA MDL 38-3 Revolver
Doesn't look that odd from the R/H Side.
- But turn it over and you can see why it is only a 3 shot ..
- In the pursuit of slimness this oddity has been built with half the chambers missing!

So it is an alloy framed .38" revolver that is under an inch thick (until you fire a shot) and has three rounds available to fire D.A only - and an integral laser light.

I've seen a statement purporting to be from CIA (who are a big importer into North America) - saying that although they had made nearly 2,000 of these - they decided not to release them and have not test fired them - "They will likely be melted down".

I'd give them 12 out of 10 for trying - but looking at the display sample and its damaged screw slots in the photos and the chipping of the black finish - they probably have made the correct decision eh.

- Would it be a wild guess to wonder if these were cheaply built in a large Asian country like China?

I don't see that they saved much in the width by throwing away three of the chambers anyway.

Keep trying ..

- What is it about firing from the logical bottom chamber of a revolver that makes designers and stylists go ugly weird?

Marty K.

P.S. Why a revolver anyway? - you might have a three shot 'Derringer' by Marston of New York between 1848-1864:
Marston 3 Shot - Slim Enough?
Or why not go for a four shot slim-line - like the Schuler Reform of 1906-1914 that was made in .25"acp?
German Schuler Reform 1906 -1914.
- Looks Plenty Slim to Me.
-How about a modern 9mm version?
Marty K.