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Saturday, 2 July 2016

FN Five-seveN & 5.7x28mm - New to Me:

I'm exposing my ignorance again - well I'm admitting it while researching this 'multi-purpose' round.

I read that it is designed as a replacement / improvement on my favourite multi-purpose 9x19mm round.
There it is - fourth from the left.
Starting the line-up : 9x19mm, .40", .45acp, 5.7x28mm
5.56x45NATO,  .300Win.Magnum, & two 12 gauges.

This 5.7x28 thing uses light weight projectiles eg. 23, 28, 31 grains that reliably tumble in ballistic gelatine and runs at velocities around 2,000 - 2,800 feet per second - while producing something like 30% less recoil than a 9mm NATO. Mind you it is LOUD and has lots of Muzzle Flash while shooting flat.. Well you can't have everything eh - although apparently there is a sub-sonic flavour available.

And you can buy a semi-auto pistol for it .. The FN Five-seveN.

Standard magazine capacity is 20 rounds - extended 30 round.
Shhh. - That's a Polymer Slide - Steel Lined.

I'm still thinking about this calibre and gun as 'new' - but the FN Five-seveN has been made since before 2000 and has been available for civilian sales since 2004 - and was for a while screamed about histrionically as being "the Cop Killer round". - The round was specifically designed to be capable of penetrating body armour. Wikipedia say it is in service with more than 40 Nations already.
The FN P90 is a 'Long Arm' Personal Weapon For The 5.7x28mm.

The media won't burble too much about the P90 because they can't decide whether it's a sub-machine gun, a 'bull-pup', a 'compact machine-gun' or a short assault rifle. - That is a top mounted magazine and there's been a civilian semi-auto version - the PS90 since 2005. - Hey Cutters, the PS90 weighs less than 3kg. (2.85kg).

- Is this round a "light-weight"  - just a noisy & expensive .22"? - I wonder did they consider something similar but in .30 (.32"cal.=.314' is 8mm) calibre?

The P90 magazine sits alongside the guns barrel and holds 50 light-weight rounds.

Marty K.