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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Local Gun Show Bargains:

Saturday was a good day catching-up with mates at the Christchurch Gun Show and looking for bargains at the sales tables.

The show display tables of weaponry were great as usual - even the Christchurch Pistol Club made an effort and had an interesting spread of handguns - attracting some interest while I was there.

I found and bought a box of .457 lead balls for a good price and then - just for the hell of it I asked the stall-holder my 'silly question of the day' - "You haven't got any nipples for a Ruger Old Army have you?"... "Yes .. but only one set" !!

Nipples & Balls For The Ruger Old Army Percussion Revolver.

- I nearly broke my wrist grabbing my cash dollars to hand over before I woke-up from a dream.

- Current NZ Police and Customs regulations are making it just about impossible to import small spare parts such as springs etc. for firearms (or anything else shooting related).


- Those 'eneloop' AA cells are in the middle photo as they are supposed to be the all new, all singing & dancing rechargeables - they won't always be dead when I want to use the camera .. maybe - just a little bit.

Good company, good day, excellent Chinese chicken-on-rice takeaway, - mind you I had wasted good money the previous day when I bought the latest 1911 & AR15 Sales Brochure from USA titled "Guns & Ammo Magazine". They really keep playing that same simplistic firearms industry tune - over & over .. I guess it saves having to write an original thought eh.

One conversation at the gun show voiced concerns that importation of propellants into New Zealand - especially 'black powder' is already very difficult and wickedly expensive - & likely to get worse.

Marty K.