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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Good Gun - Bad Gun:

It seems that the NZ Police Firearms Office are still futilely trying to separate bad guns from good guns by appearance & shape:
 Might This Count as 'Non-Threatening'?

- From the minutes of Pistol NZ May 2016 Council Meeting :

o) Police requests to PNZ on firearm approval for matches we shoot  Council discussed the matter of Pistol New Zealand being involved in a firearms approval by Police based on the “Look” of a firearm. Council decided that if asked by the Police, PNZ will only confirm or deny a firearms ability to meet the rules of the matches we approve and shoot to. A statement will be sent to the Police indicating any firearm as suitable or not. Resolved: Each statement will read: “Pistol NZ does not approve or dis-approve individual types of firearms. If the firearm is compatible with the International rules of a discipline, then a shooter can use it. Based on the available information, the firearm complies with…………….match which is shot by PNZ” 

- Or it might be that they are looking for an excuse to enlarge the listing of firearms that they can BAN for any reason at all.

Surely - if the country restricts firearm use to only licenced 'Fit And Proper Persons' - what relevance can the appearance, colour, style, length of barrel, capacity, material (such as polymer), or calibre have?

None actually.

- Unless you are concerned by your image?
15th October 2007 Police Tuhoe Raids.
Black is The New Black .. Dress-up Time.

Marty K.