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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

S&W Model 1 1/2 and Model 2 Revolvers:

I did intend to do a post on the next model revolver built by Smith & Wesson to follow the Model 1 in .22" Short .. But it got so complicated that my head jammed in my brains-unlimited pill bottle.

S&W Model 1 1/2 in .32" R/F Calibre.

It seemed like a good idea to follow these guns numerically through that Civil War era - but I found it all a bit too confusing - especially bearing in mind all those experts out there waiting to pounce on any 'misspeaks'.
Model 1.5 Second Model? Tip-Up .32" - Single Action.

.. Follow the Model 1 with the Model 2 - what could be simpler?

S&W Model 2 (from The First Delivery) (Top Hinged)
- It was a Larger Calibre Version of The Model 1 1/2.

Ahh, you noticed that Model 1 1/2 up there above that Model 2 .. hmm - it seems that the Model 1 1/2 was made from 1865 onwards as an enlarged Model 1 in .32" rim-fire.. more than 223,000 built.
- Now it appears that there were three flavours of the '1 1/2' - the first two were tip-up models and the third version was a 'top-break'  known as the 'Model 1 1/2 Single Action Revolver' .

S&W Model 2 4th Model "Double Action" in .38" Calibre.

- But that Model 2 is different from the other Model 2 eh - it's got a trigger guard and hinges down from a 'bottom-hinge' as a "Top Break" .. well it's a 4th Model Model 2 Double Action. - Maybe

Model 2 'Baby Russian' in .38" Calibre.

Yup - that's another flavour Model 2 - known as a 'Baby Russian'.

Here comes another one - just like the other one ..

NO - that's a three pin top strap - not a two-pin Model 2 ..

It seems that from 1876 there were 5 iterations of the Model 2 Double Action in .32" Calibre and 5 further iterations of it in .38" calibre .. Then there was the "Perfected Model" ...

So I give up. - Too many models and variations - and that's without trying to record the dates and calibres  - both .32" and .38" Rim fire - and then .32" and .38" S&W (centre-fire).

But let it be said - just like the Model 1 .22" Rim Fire that's come all the way through history to us
- The .32" S&W has also travelled a long way since it's 1878 debut in the S&W Model 1 1/2.

- First was the .32 S&W (Short) then .32 S&W Long followed by the lengthened again .32" H&R Magnum only to be further lengthened, strengthened and developed into the high pressure 327 Federal Magnum.
327 Federal Magnum - Energy Up There With 357 Magnum
- But Less Recoil & More Capacity

In the April 2008 issue of the NRA's American Rifleman magazine, Field Editor Bryce Towsley summed up his review of the 327 Federal Magnum cartridge as follows:
"The .327 offers more 'real-world' energy than the .357 Mag., (at least in my test), better penetration and one more shot per gun load. It does all this with substantially less recoil and noticeably less muzzle blast than the .357 Mag."
 - is that a fourth 'iteration' for that .32" rimmed centre-fire cartridge? (Sure - If you ignore the .32 Merwin & Hulbert cartridge eh). - what a good word that 'iteration' is.

If I had the time & money and patience to start collecting again - I'd certainly be tempted to look at those early "Perfected Model" and other Model 2 - Fourth Model Double-Action, Top Break guns that were made in calibres certainly including .32" and .38" S&W.

Meanwhile - I'm seriously (repeatedly) trying to get my pinkies on a four inch barrelled Ruger SP101 in 327 Federal Magnum. - I have bought the dies (two sets), new .32" brass in various iterations - various projectiles and suitable powder - but importation of my new gun ex USA is progressing something like an aged blind 3 legged turtle with a bad back climbing a steep and rocky shore into a head-wind while being taunted by stone throwing youths.. so many obstacles - will it get there?
The pleasures of living in a "far-flung land"

Life IS good,

Marty K.

P.S: Todays joke: Na - I've censored it.