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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Gun Users Becoming An Oppressed Minority:

A dictionary definition of OPPRESSED is: To be oppressed is to be exploited or systematically harmed by others. People who have their freedom restricted are oppressed.

A MINORITY is: A group in society distinguished from, and less dominant than, the more numerous majority,  a racial, ethnic, religious, or social subdivision of a society that is subordinate to the dominant group in political, financial or social power.

Licenced Firearms Owners in New Zealand are a social subdivision of society that are distinguished by having proved that they are 'FIT AND PROPER PERSONS TO POSSESS FIREARMS'.
There are in any society only a percentage of individuals who can provide evidence and independent witnesses to support the history of their legal and medical records stating that they are "fit & proper".

The following persons are specifically excluded by The Police Arms Code from having a Firearms Licence - considered not to be Fit and Proper:

People who have:
. a history of violence or
. repeated involvement with drugs or
. been irresponsible with alcohol or
. a personal or social relationship with people who may be deemed to be unsuitable to obtain access to firearms or
. indicates an intent to use firearms for self defence

- Those identified as fit and proper persons having been charged for applying for a Firearms Licence (& all subsequent endorsements) - the applicants close family & 'referees' are then interviewed - and their home inspected to ensure that this residential property has been fitted with Police approved security and is suitable for any firearm to be secured from burglary by uncontrolled criminals.

- This minority of worthy law-abiding licenced citizens is then subject to regular police inspections and checks. - If known convicted criminals, parolees and drug users were to be subjected to a similar regime of surveillance - one might truly expect the nations crime levels to drop.

The two concurrent groups of police and politicians now investigating firearms use in NZ are both signalling changes are coming that will further restrict and impose additional costs and requirements on licensed shooters - despite these fit & proper persons not being the problem..

But of-course - the 250,000 registered law abiding 'fit & proper' shooters are an identified minority group in society that present as 'low hanging fruit' - being visible targets for politically motivated action.

- Remember 'Dawn Raids' ?

Marty K.