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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Ruger Old Army: 45th Anniversary of a Forty-Five:

Next year will be Forty-Five years since the first Ruger 'Old Army' came to market. - That might be a great opportunity for Sturm Ruger to come out and declare that their 44" Cap'n'Ball was in fact a .45" and to celebrate by offering a new 45th Anniversary Model 45" Smoke-Stick.
An Early Brass Framed Ruger Old Army:

Ruger could make special 'anniversary models' with 'Eagle' stocks and a British version with 'Union Jack' stocks (I think that properly licenced UK target shooters are still permitted black powder revolvers for target shooting).

The *New*  Old Army might be a sleek more compact, stainless steel percussion revolver, complete with their transfer bar safety mechanism looking something like their 'Vaquero' - and maybe complete with a 45 Colt conversion cylinder.
.. many of those original Old Armies will be aging fast and ready for retirement:

They might even offer it in both .45" and .36"/38" (.357") ball calibre - Nobody ever listens to me anyway eh ..

Marty K.