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Sunday, 25 September 2016

.380 ACP Is NOT .38 ACP:

I know the difference between the 38 Special round and the 38 Super .. I know that -but my mouth has been known to stumble and record a "misspeak" when in competitive conversation. - Well, they both begin with 'S'..
38 Special Cartridge = 9x29.5mmR
 - A Rimmed Revolver Round.
The .38" Special obviously is a very popular rimmed revolver round - while the .38 Super isn't! - It is a much hotter development of the .380 ACP - and it is fashionable in IPSC competition as it makes 'Major Power Factor' - while the 4mm shorter, standard 9x19 NATO cartridge doesn't.

 38 Super Cartridge - 9x23mmSR - Velocities up to 1,500 ft/sec.
 - Dimensions same as 38 ACP = 9x23mmSR

- However what I do need to get in my head when reading is that the .380 ACP is not the same as the .38 ACP. - There is a world of difference inside that '0'.
.380 ACP (aka .380 Auto) = 9x17mm.
(SAAMI Limit 21,000 p.s.i)

 .380 ACP  (being a 9x17mm case) - is a shorter and less powerful round than the 9x19 NATO.

Whereas the .38 ACP  being 9x23mmSR is a longer (semi-rimmed) case than the 9x19mm but with similar ballistic performance to it.
.38 ACP -  9x23mmSR  (sometimes called 38 Auto)

The 38 ACP is a John Moses Browning design dating from 1900 that could throw a 130 grain pill at around 1250 feet per second - with a SAAMI pressure limit of 26,500 p.s.i.

Now the 38 Super may be seen as a high pressure, higher velocity loading of that 38 ACP - with a SAAMI pressure limit of 36,500 p.s.i. There are moves by competitive shooters using this round to reduce the tiny rim dimensions down to almost non-existent - to improve feeding from their magazines.
.38 Super - is also 9x23mmSR.

- If you Google '9mm caliber' you'll find that Wikipedia lists 23 different pistol cartridges plus 10 revolver cartridges (and thirty-one rifle cartridges). - I'll be testing you on these next week!

- So that's clear - There's rimmed, - semi-rimless, - & rimless flavors  in various lengths and power levels - I think that I've got that right.

- Confused?

Marty K.