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Monday, 12 September 2016


This wee antique gun is best thought of as a "Palm Squeezer" and there really are good reasons why it is obscure and unknown.
Little All Right .22" Short Rim-Fire.

Basically it is a BAD design - I am always conscious of the flame discharge from a revolvers cylinder gap - Well to fire this little baby you need to give it an intimate cuddle as you pull the hinged trigger that is normally pivoted-down over the muzzle for pocket carry!

Patented in 1876 - this nickel plated revolver is so awkward and dangerous to fire that it might have been designed by Hillary Clinton.

- What a 'dog'.

The way the trigger is located at the muzzle end of the 1.75 inch long octagonal barrel means you had to stretch your 'pinkie' all the way past that cylinder gap - and try not to brake the cylinder as it makes it's turn.

The .22" Short Rim-fire had been around for nearly twenty years (1857) - when this Horrible-but-Cute five shooter was developed  in 1876 - surely folk understood about the risks of firing a hand-held firework.

Forgotten Weapons have a good video assessment of it:

Marty K.
P.S. Good Luck to all voting-age 'mericans - you get to choose between two bowls of stale doggie-doo when what you want is a nice fresh garden salad eh.