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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Meprolight FT Bullseye Sight (& TAS Fibre-Optic):

I know that "RED-DOT" sights work brilliantly and all.

BUT: I don't like that they are bulky and stick-up into the wind.

         .. I don't like that they use batteries that go flat when you need them

          .. And I don't like that they look stoopid to have on a handgun carried in a holster..

          .. and I don't like that I'm awfully slow at finding that red-dot when I take aim..

- Could be that the Microlight FT Bullseye Sight fixes most of those objections (- as long as they actually work.)

 This sight uses fibre-optics combined with a Tritium insert to give an easily visible sight picture in all lighting conditions .. NO BATTERIES.
 The FT Bullseye has a low, all-most 'streamlined' profile that won't smack into everything close by.
And the price seems nearly reasonable at US$199.

There is another similar sight from Israel costing much less - at $89. - but the TAS Fiber Optic Glock Sight runs without the night-time tritium insert so.. no black cats in a coalmine at midnight then.

Tactical Aiming Systems say that this is the "Fastest Combat Pistol Sight"

Here is a link to a video review:

Both Brands are built from 'aluminum' and come with red or green optics - but the Israeli TAS is much cheaper at around $89. only - but no tritium.

Here's another review that says "it's very unique"!:

- there doesn't seem to be any sight adjustment?

- What I'd really like to see is a thorough critical shooting test and 'on Range Review' by Hickok45 and/or Jeff Quinn of 'Gunblast' before I make-up my mind and buy one.

Marty K.

P.S. That makes 600 of these posts that I've scribbled now.