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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Guns? - Smoking is Far More Fatal:

We seem to be bludgeoned daily with screaming headlines about 'active killers' using "assault rifles" to threaten the very existence of civilized humanity.

- However I was strongly alerted to hear an anti-smoking oncologist state that SIX MILLION people die every year from smoking tobacco.

Why is that not headline news?  .. no blood to see - just painfully dying in bed?

Now I had in my head a figure of 1 million people dying every year from warfare & conflict since the end of WWII - but we are told that has fallen away considerably in recent years.

- But I had to follow those death figures further eh. Now - GunPolicy.Org clearly state in their on-line gun-control preaching that:

"Global Impact of Gun Violence"

"Small arms, commonly known as firearms or guns, are used to kill as many as 1,000 people each day."
Now that makes:   1,000 per day x 365 days per year = 365,000 per year. (their figures).
- World Population currently is 7.4 Billion and rising. Now some activists claim that 'Gun Control' is a Public Health Matter because of its impact on society.. indeed Philip Alpers (who used to claim he was a journalist when working in NZ) - now calls himself Adjunct Associate Professor at the Sydney School of Public Health. - where he runs GunPolicy.Org

- Surely if Public Health was his true concern he would direct the public's time & money toward the 6 Million annual smoking deaths that are caused by the tobacco industry getting young people addicted for profit.

Marty K.