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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Quantum (a discrete packet) of Ruger Imports:

The mysterious tale of just why it is still taking an-age-and-a-half for one 327 Federal Magnum Ruger SP101  revolver to emerge from its chrysalis in USA and to flutter gracefully across the Pacific Ocean into my caring hands - should be preserved in the same room of your brain where you also keep your understanding of Quantum Physics.

- Don't try to understand either story - best really to just accept them eh.

Beautiful Just.

Mind you - when I am told that the wee revolver has landed in NZ and cleared Customs ( -prrlease!) - then I've got to exchange a pink verification form from my club - for an Application For a Permit to Procure form - and then exchange that for an issued Permit to Procure - this must be transmitted to the Importer for release of that exact item to me - and then I must promptly take that piece of paper (returned & completed by the Importer) together with the new stainless-steel machine in a locked sturdy container - to have it registered on my Police-file after the Firearms Office have eyeballed its serial numbers.

Note: My nearest Firearms Office is one and a quarter hours drive away from home.

But it will all be worth it ... Consider that 'quantum' comes from the Latin 'Quanta' meaning "How great"!

So - should I set about finding a Hogue grip for it now or later? - What flavor are your quarks?

Marty K.