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Friday, 2 September 2016

Mossberg Brownie Pistol:

O F Mossberg - a Swedish-American founded his own firearms manufacturing business in 1919 to make his 'Brownie' four barrel .22" rim-fire pistol.

I never knew that Mossberg ever built anything short/handy until I spotted a photo in the 1976 first issue of "Pistol and Revolver Digest" (sometimes aka 'PARD').

Mossberg Brownie Four Shot .22" Long Rifle.

- Mind you - I didn't know that they had made a Martini action rifle in the past either..(M11?)

 Five Dollars!

Mossbergs built this wee gun from 1919 to 1932 with a double action and a rotating firing pin. - An early version was made by the Shattuck Company under licence to Mossberg when he worked there.

A very similar Model 422 was sold by Advantage Arms from 1985-1987.
Advantage Arms 422 Available in .22" Long Rifle & .22 Magnum.

There is(was?) also a 'Cop 357'
COP .357  (also Built by American Derringer Co. in 1990).

Marty K.