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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Quaking & Buying Stuff In New Zealand - Trump Elections & Intelligence:

Before any of us get stuck into the groove mocking the Trump Election and the general state of the world (- or more likely get shaken out of the groove!) - may I contribute the following ...

I have an ongoing saga trying to buy a Ruger SP101 ex USA (in 327 Federal Magnum) which I instigated back in March 2016 - Nine months ago - Yes I am still waiting... ( prostaglandin suppositories may be called-for?).
I Believe That It May Look Something Like This.

 - However.. I seem to have done it again. - It is said that a sign of intelligence is the ability to learn from ones mistakes - So I must be a sucker - or there may be something else wrong in our Western Society.

You remember "Society" don't you?  That was something that British Prime Minister Thatcher said did not exist. - For her - life consisted only of individuals motivated by greed and their customers (prey?) who were a 'resource' or market to be drawn upon. "GREED IS GOOD" she stated. - People voted for her.

Anyway I have done it again .. After much conflicted & deep consideration I was persuaded to buy a bicycle for my own health & longevity.  - I have even bought biking gear and a helmet - plus LED lights from K-Mart.

- A current model 'Merida' Big Nine as a very special offer 
from online bargain marketers 'GrabOne' 

.. My "Velocipede".

Healthy summertime exercise was to be mine at a bargain priced $699 - a saving of $300 on retail. - Ordered and paid for October 5th - promised for delivery November 9.

  - Naah - Of course it didn't arrive. So I emailed 'GrabOne' asking where it was and was assured that they'd sort it within 24 hours. Two days later - no news but a courier delivered a small package being parcel 2 of 2 containing a bike pump and tool pack. - Package No.1 being absent - I presume to be the missing bike.

I've heard it said that "One sign of madness is to keep doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting a different result."

A message here perhaps for anyone expecting an improvement in their living conditions by having belief in a "Trump" or 'The Presidency' - or even in so called "Representative Democracy".

- Don't scoff at others misfortunes eh.

I suppose that the "Midnight Madness" Earthquake (at 12.02 on 14th Nov.) will now give GrabOne a retro-excuse for non-delivery!

Marty K.

P.S.  Bike arrived by courier Wednesday 16th Nov.. Late but it's cool.