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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Shooters Blinking (Flinching) on Q.I.;

This segment from British TV show 'Q.I.' reminded me of something:

- The reaction to flinch & blink when we experience a loud noise (plus maybe a blast of high pressure gas) is instinctive and should not really be unexpected.

- I recently had an eye examination for new glasses and one part involved a 'puff' of air directed into each eye to check for internal pressure. Everyone must surely respond by blinking - but the test equipment measures and records the eyes pressure before the eye lid descends.

A percentage of target shooters have probably trained themselves not to blink as they fire - but I'd say that most shooters close their eyes momentarily. "Shooting well is simple - it's just not easy."

Again - it's no HEADLINE that US figures record around 80% of shots fired by police miss their intended targets. You have under-trained personnel - under stress - trying to precisely direct a small hard object from the end of a barrel through the air at a mobile target - while being assaulted by loud noise, recoil, muzzle blast, and possibly muzzle flash.. all while likely themselves being subjected to a violent attack.

I'm mystified how so many movie 'black-hats' fall over while the "Good Guys" re-holster their Colts and walk away.
Some of These Guys Are Wearing The Wrong Color Hats:

Way back when - I read that I should watch my pistol front sight on firing to see if it rises to the right or to the left (resulting from a poor grip) - or does it do the 'right thing' and move straight up & down.

 - Up till that time - I had never seen my front sight do ANYTHING when I shot.

When trying to help new shooters - girls often do better than the guys because they listen - whereas most real men have already seen the movies and know how it's done (blame testosterone).

 - But all new shooters should start with small calibers - preferably in a single shot rifle. - There can be no better way to turn-off your lady from shooting than to hand her a 'MAGNUM' and have a good laugh at her flinch reaction.. No surprise that she'd close her eyes tight before ever shooting again.

Now I'm obviously not telling a defensive shooter who is in fear of their life from a deranged murderer to slowly breath out before focusing carefully on the fore-sight to ensure that there is an equal gap either side and confirm that the top surface is perfectly aligned.. Americans Do it Fast & Do it Right eh.

- Some things in modern life work-out very well - like dried foods storing well long term and being light to carry - whereas canned food needs an opener, - is heavy, dents, rusts and the labels come-off.

So - Some unnatural skills need training and repetitive practice to achieve.

- It is a blinking nuisance eh.

Marty K.