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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

"INSTINCT" Shooting & 'Brain Washing':

- There is a chance that I may be perceived as an crusty curmudgeon  and Old Fart but ..


(nor "muscle memory"!)

Now I understand that 'brain washing' or conditioning is achieved by repetition. - It seems that if I were to type that above line more than ten times here - and you were to read it ten times - sub-conscious minds would start to accept it - even though you might argue that it ain't so. ( -This is also how advertising & religion can work).

I'm not going to do that - so will try to clarify reasonably: There is no instinct in a sentient human to use any tool - particularly a complex heat engine such as a firearm that requires precise guidance under stressful conditions.. It is a learned behavior.

Instinct is a fixed pattern of animal behavior in response to a stimulus - such as spitting-out a nasty taste..


- However - if you were to TRAIN and repeatedly PRACTICE any set of complicated movements using a tool in a careful, precise manner - you would incrementally** establish a competence and fluidity of movement and improved results.

** It is interesting here that part of the word "incrementally" is mental - pointing to your brain.

Anyone seeing a need to excel at 'Hip Shooting', 'Point Shooting', 'Snap Shooting', 'Unsighted Shooting', "Instinct Shooting" -  and perhaps even 'rapid sighted target acquisition' - will need to train repeatedly (having hopefully started with good eyesight - excellent hand-eye co-ordination and a persistent nature).

- This all hinges on the brain developing Neural Pathways that are re-enforced by Myelin. - We develop skills by conditioning our brains.

The reviewer of a snubby .45" caliber revolver in Guns Digest 2017 - suggests that the reader "masters instinct shooting (with this short five shot Pitbullby ignoring the gun and its sights while firing at matchsticks or spent .22 shell cases placed as far away as you can see them."

"Do not look at the gun or think about what you are doing."

- This 'fiction writer' also suggests the .45 ACP 1911 for killing Alaskan Grizzly Bears

 .. Good Luck with that ..

Marty K.