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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Politically Correct CAMP COFFEE Essence:

Dating back to 1885, this thick black syrup, a ‘secret blend’ of sugar, water, coffee and chicory essence, was originally made in Glasgow by R. Paterson and Sons Ltd. It came in a square, eight and a half fluid-ounce glass bottle - rather like HP Sauce. The original label showed a moustachioed Gordon Highlander sitting on a cushion drinking a cup of Camp.
No Tray. 

Major General Sir Hector MacDonald was the model for the Gordon Highlander. The son of a crofter, he had worked his way up through the ranks of the regiment, serving with distinction 

Later he was given command of the regiment’s troops in Ceylon - where charges of homosexuality were brought against him. - He shot himself in a Paris hotel in 1903.


Can you spot the difference between the old bottle image & the later, (upper),  politically corrected image? - Yup, in the original bottle label the Sikh is obviously a 'servant' with a tray.

There might be a link here with homosexuals being known as "camp" - This was before they re-branded and re-launched this form of population control as 'Gay Liberation'.

Mum would sometimes buy a bottle of Camp coffee essence to make a post-war milky treat for us kids. She could sometimes even be persuaded to buy some reserved oranges.
UK Rationing formally ended in 1954.

 - as long as we promised to let them decorate the table in a bowl for at least a week - but she would never buy apples for us, as " You'd only eat them"!

Even Later - the Camp image was further revised to show the two seated 
together sharing a quiet moment of friendship.
- Historical Revisionism eh.

Kiwis will confirm that there is/was a competing locally made version (still made in Australia) from Bushells. - A beverage made from this coffee essence - like powdered soluble "Instant Coffee" - is a distant relation to real coffee made from freshly ground beans - but it can be better than nothing when a drink is needed eh.

Marty K.