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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Gun Controls:

This story from

Carol Browne had a violent ex-boyfriend named Michael Eitel who had threatened her life in the past. She followed the laws of New Jersey and petitioned for a restraining order, which she got against him. She also applied for a permit to own a hand gun on April 21, 2015.

Browne was killed last week by her ex—not with a gun, but with a knife. He waited for her to return home and stabbed her to death. She went as far as going in person to the police department two days before being murdered to check on the status of her application. Browne also had video surveillance cameras installed at her home, which tragically recorded her murder.
Where were the police?
The answer is simple — they were delaying her gun permit application. Why in the hell does she need a permit to exercise the most basic human right of self-defense? Nothing is more important than one’s safety. Without it, you don’t need food, clothing, or shelter.
- and from the BBC:
A loaded pistol was uncovered on Monday 11th November after officers in Brisbane, Queensland, discovered a second handgun in a suspects car.
A body search revealed the biker connected with the Rebels Gang - had the handgun "secreted between his buttocks", Queensland Police said.
He was charged with weapons and drug offences.

- It does seem that banning or controlling guns does not .. A/- Stop people being killed.- and
 B/- Stop criminal scum getting guns for illegal purposes.
According to the US Center For Disease Control & Prevention there were 33,636 firearm deaths in USA  2013 - of which 21,175 were suicides (two thirds).
- For comparison, the US road deaths for 2011 (lowest since 1949) were 32,479.
- Before you go, consider this - In INDIA in 2014 - the National Crime Records Bureau recorded 27,571 deaths from train accidents !
- Could be that Indian (and American) gun control is better than their 'train' and car control.
Marty K.