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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Latest Gun Numbers From England:

The UK's NFLMS National Firearms Licensing Management System has released the latest gun related figures for England & Wales as of 31 March 2016.

Pleasant Pheasant Shooting At English High Birds.

They state that there are issued 153,404 FIREARMS CERTIFICATES that relate to exactly 539,194 legally registered firearms.

 - Plus there are 567,015 SHOTGUN CERTIFICATES that cover the legal ownership of 1,331,563 shotguns by English and Welsh citizens.

- The British residents of Scotland and Northern Ireland are separately regulated and not included in this control system.

The Costly Traditional Scottish Deer Stalking
 Figures Are Recorded Elsewhere.

These permitted firearms are thought to be but a small indication of how many guns are held in UK - I see a figure of 4 Million 'off record' guns is estimated as realistic for this United Kingdom.

- When 99 y.o. Eilene Burgoyne died - builders last year found her 9mm STEN sub-machine gun under the floorboards of the quiet, ex- army spy and linguist's Twickenham home.


British City dwelling drug dealers need  "shooters" as a status symbol - but don't practice or use them much due to ammo costs.

Cocaine Dealer Babs Arogundade 'BP' owned a Maserati & a Bentley Limo Too Before His Arrest In St Johns Wood North West London (- I Come From Close By)

Marty K.

P.S. Professor Steven Hawkins believes humanity will be extinct on Earth in a thousand years.