Monday, 3 February 2020

Government Weapons Planning - Saline Dinners to Clocks:

I am an ignorant old sod .. I KNEW that "they" pumped our bacon and ham ('pig meat baby') full of flavoured water and then charged the same money for saltwater by weight as for the meat - I knew that ..
 but until I asked an English joker did their chicken have any flavor nowadays 'cos our supermarket chicken is tasteless .. I thought that this was because the birds were fast grown and given the chop at six weeks - I didn't realise that they are also pumping water into chicken, pork & beef meat - since 50 years back !! - Surely 'our' government rules ought require them to declare that they are selling salty WATER as if it was meat?

This "PLUMPING" with salt water, 'binding agents', phosphates, plus an 'anti-bacterial agent' adds 15-30%+ weight to the meat that you buy. - Bear in mind that this added saltwater broth also increases HEART DISEASE.
This 'broth' may also contain powdered pork & beef skin & other waste .. this certainly should concern Jewish & Islamic folk eh. VIDEO Link:

- Cook it well ..

I mostly just like to put things 'in perspective' eh ..

While we 246,000 kiwi 'fit & proper' firearms licence holders are being jerked about and vilified by our government - here's something else from U.S to help us keep a clear mind on things:

- On the face of it .. you'd think that a reduced power nuclear weapon would be better for us innocents than a massively larger one?
W76-2 Warhead:

U.S. introduced the small 6 kiloton W76-2 warheads in its February 2018 Nuclear Posture Review as an easier-to-use alternative option to the normal 100 kiloton version.

This reduced power missile is still 500 times more powerful than the most powerful conventional explosive in the American arsenal  .. BUT it is "small" compared to it's normal yield eh. - The idea is that the U.S. will use the 'low yield warheads' in Europe against any Russian attack without starting an all-out Russian response against the U.S Mainland.

PROBLEM: When launched on top of a standard ballistic missile from a US nuclear submarine - nobody can tell from the ground how big a bang it will make on arrival .. UNTIL AFTER IT HAS DETONATED - so the only logical Russian response is that they are under full attack and need to reply fast by pressing the big red button. - LOGICAL eh.

This is but one example of expert thinking by our world leaders entrusted with our futures - while making themselves richer and ever more powerful.

 - So what makes you think that kiwi Jacinda's ideas on local gun control are any more stupid than normal world government thinking?

 .. The DOOMSDAY CLOCK has this year been moved forward to 100 seconds before midnight .. no surprise there then ..


Marty K.

Just to cheer you up some more - in INDIA they are feeding rotting waste foods to flies and then feeding the maggots to fish for you to eat .. in South Africa they are making the maggots into Ice-Cream.

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