Sunday, 9 February 2020

Unlicensed Untrained NZ Police:

I'm trying to find any reason WHY serving New Zealand Police - who are required and expected to effectively deal to violent criminals - and to protect the innocent while armed - are not required to qualify as FIT AND PROPER PERSONS to own and use firearms.

How many of these Ten Armed Police Officers possess a FIREARMS LICENCE?

- Are ANY of These Brave Officers Issued With A Restricted Weapon
 ENDORSED Firearms Licence?

I cannot think of one reason why LAW ENFORCEMENT officers should be exempted from firearms regulations or the important licence training and maintenance regulations as administered by The Commissioner Of Police . .  other than a possible lack of funding & lack of interest.

I am a 75 year old (soon 76) NZ Citizen - Fully Licensed since the 1980's and endorsed as a pistol target shooter (& Collector).

- The Commissioner's terms relating to my endorsed licence require that I attend an approved Certified pistol range A MINIMUM of 12 Times Every Year .. to maintain my ability at a safe & competent level under the supervision of qualified range officers.

.. Why are the 12,000 active police officers not required to comply with similar or greater safety & competence levels under control of instructors and range officers?

I fully understand that police recruits receive a small period of basic training to familiarise them with firearms and their use .. before 'passing-out' for duty - But why are they exempted from full firearms licensing and skills training requirements?

Surely this is GROSSLY NEGLEGENT AND INCOMPETENT - always bear in mind that our fine front-line police may need to use critically urgent skill with arms at very short notice.

Marty K.

FIT & PROPER - Trained, Responsible, Safe & Licensed New Zealand Shooters are invited to join SSANZ


  1. Too bloody right. As a soldier having carried a weapon for 20 yrs, I needed a firearms licence after the old paper ones were done away with. I had far more experience than the 'child' that decided that I needed a new licence. I said piss off and have disposed of all my weapons.

  2. Its the same rule as in the US . Its called the 90-7-3 rule . 90% of the officers as required by their work will just qualify with the firearms requirements . 7% will seek additional training, but not be proficient. Only 3% will practice and become proficient. And you wonder why the NZ Police have the numbers and kinds of accidents they have ?