Saturday, 8 February 2020

Hori Gemmell Police GLOCK Thief:


This repeat offender who rammed two police cars and stole two Glock 17 pistols .. together with various other offences - is now due to be sentenced 05 March 2020.

It seems that his 'brief' had objected to an aspect of his guilty plea relative to terms of sentence - she apparently is working well for this young person ..

Trial evidence was that he kept one pistol for his own use - and sold the second for $1,500. to a friend

Our NZ Police Association President made his statement to Parliament considering multiple changes to New Zealand firearms regulations - stating that criminals obtain their illegal guns by stealing them from lawfully licensed owners. - I am currently informed that serving police personnel are NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE A FIREARMS LICENCE.

Marty K.

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  1. not surprised what can you expect from a tarded A/Hole whos afraid of everyone else who may or may not have a gun! also worried about being shot in his ass from a serving officer, we not sure what he would be shot with !