Thursday, 6 February 2020

Weirdo Gat @ Shot Show:

The Altor single shot came to the 2020 SHOT SHOW in .380" or 9 mm and comprises just SIX parts.
It might be in the same class as the WWII 'Liberator' pistol and the CIA's 'Deer Gun' - but I'd describe it as a "throw-down".

It's really just a better made zip gun for jokers wearing the colors & loitering around the street corners. It looks like they come moulded in both black & white - but they might sell them in green, red, blue colours at a premium.

It loads by removing the 'twist-off' barrel and you get to fire it by flicking the spring-loaded striker to the rear and releasing it .. a zip gun eh.

U.S. Army/General Motors Liberator

CIA Deer Gun:

The Altor is offered at a MSRP of around $120 so I guess they'll sell some but there'll be competition from the better 'ghost' 3D printed models that are developing eh.

- Enterprising Altor Corp  come from Arizona .. is that good news?

- But if you are thinking about despairing of where the world is heading ... Consider some of our bent swerving "World Leaders" ..

Trump USA, - Putin Russia, - Johnson UK, - Morrison Australia, -  Netanyahu Israel, - Ardern NZ , - Kim Jong-un North Korea,Rodrigo  Duterte Philippines, - Matamela Ramaphosa South Africa ..  ..

Are these the very best on offer?

They all could fit better behind prison bars than outside parasiting decent people.

Democracy? - Where are the media watchdogs?

What a shower of shit

Marty K.

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