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Thursday, 5 January 2017

1911 v Glock - Calibers, Politics & Religion Get Personal:

Thanks go to 'Cutters' for pointing out this research to me:

People can be funny at times. Our brains can work in unexpected ways. - e.g. -  There seems to be a human failing called "Denial" that allows some folk to ignore that - say - they are ugly, unfit, or just plain stubborn.

But it may not be their fault - a new scientific study is suggesting that "Beliefs" get embedded into that part of our heads where we treasure and defend our personal "being".

"Partisan identities get tied up in our personal identities. Which would mean that an attack on our strongly held beliefs is an attack on the self. And the brain is built to protect the self.

The brain processes politically charged information (or information about strongly held beliefs) differently (and perhaps with more emotion) than it processes more mundane facts. This can help explain why attempts to correct misinformation can backfire completely, leaving people more convinced of their convictions.
 “When we compared evaluating religious statements to nonreligious statements, we [found] some of the same brain regions that are active in the current study,” Kaplan said. Which makes sense, because religious beliefs also factor into our identities."
Link to Study:
- This may go some way towards explaining why prejudice persists against reasoned argument.

Glock Owner (Top) versus 1911 (lower)
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