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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A NEW "1911"(Not) From Hudson Mfg. - Looking Good:

Shot Show 2017 .. what can I say?

I've found this semi-auto pistol touted as a "New 1911" - and as a "New 1911 Style" pistol:

The Hudson H 9.
It looks very tasty to me and I'm not taking the piddle out of the gun.. but 'Merican' gun writers need to be chastised into the realities of the 21st century with a gentle but full power cattle-prod.

This promising looking Hudson pistol is:
A/- a 9mm.
B/- STRIKER fired.
C/- High Capacity using a x 15 round magazine.
D/- Low bore /axis line.
E/- Standard with a Trigger Safety.

- No way does that add-up (even with a decent straight line trigger pull) - to make that pistol a '1911'.

The simple fact is that the innovative makers are claiming 7 Patents for features of this original design surely means it cannot be called a 1911.

The latest 'catch phrase' arriving from US in a shower of bullshit is 'ALTERNATIVE FACTS'

- which I understand IS 'an alternative fact' for LIES.

Facts that I can determine indicate that Hudson Manufacturing are based in Temple, Texas, and their H9 pistol is an all new design. - They have a Web site:

Marty K.