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Monday, 30 January 2017

S&W 686-6 Plus Hand Cannon In the Wind - Things That Don't Go Bump When They Should:

- A very strong gale roaring all afternoon on range Sunday - blowing-over target frames and making accurate shooting problematic.

Things that mature old guys do for fun on range!

.. Same guy ('Cutters') has bought a new S&W revolver..

Smith & Wesson Performance Centre 686-6 Plus 'Pro Series' Five Inch.
- Seven Shot .357 Magnum - Comes with Only Two Moon-Clips.

A rather special speed-shooting gun - now sporting a full sized "45 gallon oil drum" strapped on top .. he likes his 'red-dot' sights. Can be used with or without moon clips.

Interestingly - as bought - this tuned revolver failed to fire. - Giving only light primer strikes until the grips were removed and the 'strain screw' was wound in fully to increase the main spring tension.


Friend "J" has two Berettas plus a Gen. 2 Glock 17 in 9mm - and recently has loaded hundreds of rounds using a plinking load that I'd used way back around ten years ago and had written on the label of the tin of old (now obsolete) powder.

Gen 2 - No Finger grooves.

 Problem - Sadly none of his three autos will cycle properly with these lightly loaded cartridges - but then when I insisted that we try them in MY Gen 3 Glock 17 - they were fine and worked beautifully.

Maybe I ought explain further that my range cobbers like to jibe at me about my overly weak hand-loads - ever since I test-loaded a Handbook load for .357" revolver that stuck "pop" in my Ruger GP100's six inch barrel - while it just managed to exit from a S&W four inch revolver muzzle.

And, - you might care to note that this powder charge was listed as a maximum safe load !!

Hey Ho - where's that brass rod and hammer?

Gen.3 Glock 17

I may be able to score some cheap practice ammo shortly eh - unless he finds some weaker recoil springs .. 

Marty K.