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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

A Big Kiwi "Bowie" Knife:

Hickok45 and son John have recently posted a video with a bit of a New Zealand flavor - about large handmade, heavy 'bowie' knives they have bought:
 The SVORD Von Tempsky Bowie Knife

In a rather rambling** video they introduce their audience to this large working bowie style blade that is named by it's New Zealand makers after Gustavus Von Tempsky a military trained Prussian who was a leading fighter in our history during the 1863 New Zealand Taranaki land wars.

I covered these original 'Von Tempsky' blades back in April 2014 - follow this link:

These modern Frontier style Bowies look very useable as bush knives - but don't appear to be replicas or even near copies of the early fighting tools that Von Tempsky had custom built to equip his men.

Von Tepmsky was very serious in the knife fighting tactics he trained his Forest Rangers to use in close combat "jungle warfare" - using the large knife in the left hand to fend-off attacks while wielding the revolver in the strong hand.

Original Von Tempsky Knife In Waikato Museum.
(Has Likely been shortened.)

For real bush bashing I use a cheap 'do anything' Chinese machete that I paid $5 for 25 odd years ago!
**  I am thinking that Hickok45s recent videos on Full30 are perhaps 'less serious' than their earlier YouTube work - maybe?

This weeks 'Tip for bachelors': The perfect 'four-minute-eggs' to go with your 'soldiers' for breakfast will take five minutes if you keep your eggs cold in the fridge eh.

Marty K.