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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Trident Missile & Submarine Cover-Up:

I tried to look-up "Trident Cover-Up" - as the British radio is reporting this .. but there are so many Google entries for this cover-up wording !!

.. November 9th 2015?

.. May 17th 2015?

- If you are not already scared - you will be after reading this statement below:

November 2015 Trident Missile Test Launch?
- Off California Coast.

It may be that there are so many errors that I'll end up doing a "headless chicken" - running in a crazy circle.

The California lawmakers seem to be so fixated on reducing their residents gun rights which they perceive as a danger - when they would be better to focus their concerns on the military actions of the British Royal Navy..

- But NO - this cover-up is even more recent:

"Labour former defence minister Kevan Jones has demanded an inquiry into claims that the launch of an unarmed Trident II D5 missile from a British submarine off the coast of Florida in June malfunctionedOn Saturday  it was reported the cause of the failure remained top secret but questions could be asked over the Government's failure to publicize the failed test weeks before MPs approved the £40 billion Trident renewal program in July."
I have read (and written about) hugely incompetent working methods in the early atomic power stations - Windscale, Calder Hall - but they might excuse that sort of "broomstick handle & coal shovel' technique - as it was immediately following WWII  & they were racing to beat the USSR - but this slack handling is now - in the 21st Century.
Marty K.
The State Govt. of California prohibited the sale of all .50" caliber BMG rifles (This law does not apply to the law enforcement officers with permission from their employing agencies.) - so the Barrett Firearms Company has replied by refusing to sell to or service any such arms owned by any California Government Agency. - That has to be sweet justice..