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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The Guardian Inspects US Gun Homicides:

If you'd like to consider an in depth look at American shooting homicide facts - take a look at The Guardians story:

What their analysis says is that US Homicides are clearly concentrated into city areas of:

 High Poverty, Low Educational Attainment, and Racially segregated 'Black' Areas - where most victims are black males.

All the facts show that this is clear .. but how long will it be before some politician calls their report "Racist" ?

Our administrators seek to label these cruel deaths as being a GUN PROBLEM - but it is obvious that it is a social problem caused by the politicians themselves failing continually to direct tax funding into these deliberately neglected areas of society.

The cures are - better schools - better health care - better employment opportunities - better housing - and better law enforcement.

I'm no economist - but I'd just about guarantee that moneys spent on those improvements would be more than repaid long-term by reductions in the hideous costs of anti-social criminal actions.

Further - I maintain that many other 'western' nations cities suffer similar problems that would benefit from similar correction.

What we truly have is a 'Politician Problem' - not a Gun Problem.

Marty K.

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