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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Perfect Handgun Grip - Where Can I Get Some of Their Stuff?

A couple of times recently on-line after reading an article I have been tempted to scroll-down the screen to the comments thread - to see what the locals have to say (and to have a laugh).

One was a TFB post claiming that the Glock 19 might be the "perfect gun" - except the writer did explain how he'd had the grips re-shaped and stippled to suit his hands!

Latest Gen 4 Glock 19.

The comments seemed to go on (and on) for pages with the commenters getting more and more dogmatic, abusive, silly and off topic.. Especially about grip angles.

 Where can I find the same 'chemical medications' that they are taking? - I'd love to be as smart as they are!

Would you believe that I once actually read a 1911 fan describe Glocks as "blocky looking"! Pot-Kettle, Pot-Kettle.

The 'perfect' gun will of course be the one that you like and can shoot, & afford to shoot in your chosen caliber - and manage to ignore or overcome all of it's annoying features.

One example difference is - Glock's finger grooves suite my hands but my mate 'J' hates them as he's got fat fingers that don't fit into the grooves but sit on top of the ridges.

The early ("Gen 1"?) Glock 17s had grips that got slippery in sweaty hands - but you could cut a length of old rubber bicycle inner-tube to fit the grip - or maybe glue on some 'skate-board' grip tape..

First Model (Gen.1 ?) Glock 17 Had No Finger Grooves.

Too sharp? .. if you stipple the grip with aggressively sharp diamond points - then those folk with soft hands will complain that it hurts them. (I have another mate who - when he was house building - had hands like lumps of hard rough concrete - I don't know how he got 'hands-on' with any female companions!)

We're all different and like different stuff - look at music and cars as examples of the wide variety on offer and actually bought by somebody! - We come in different sizes and with different priorities. - I really appreciate Glock's efficient modern slick'n'simple operating systems, but half the world hates that plastic (the other half is busy copying it).

 - Some people might be described as "dyed-in-the-wool" with entrenched fixed beliefs and faith in legend - others are more open minded and fact based eh.

 Meanwhile - I also really enjoy and value the 'old fashioned' sturdy features on offer by quality revolvers. - Revolvers will put that fired brass straight into your hands for the next reloading session & eliminate all that scrabbling about for the empties at your mates feet..

- If you can master the long heavy-weight trigger pull required for accurate double-action revolver shooting - you'll be able to shoot anything no matter how crappy you think the trigger is! - Good exercise for trigger fingers.

Inner-Tube Art.
"One size fits all" ? - don't you believe it.

Somebody close by is pleased as a puppy with his new original Tyler T Grips that he's bought from America. - Me? - Hmm not so much - sort-of  'folksy-traditional'..

- but they definitely do improve the shape, size and angle of the horrible S&W original shaped splinters of wood.


Here is a link to a short video that discusses the .45" acp effectiveness for self defense relative to other calibers. Those of us who are interested in the "caliber wars" should enjoy it.

Marty K.

P.S. According to The Telegraph .. 'definitely' is the most misspelled word - well I never did!

- I watched Hickok 45's  new video shooting his original 1853 Enfield rifled musket - now that definitely is a quality video.